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Here’s what others have to say:

Very good insight into the steps and process of Connecting Communication. The approach was inclusive, fun, and well paced. The workshop was facilitated in a clear way so we could all join in productively. Great at holding the space and letting all contribute. Very thought provoking and enjoyable.

– Sandra Richardson, Chief Executive, Knowsley Youth Mutual

I felt comfortable, listened to, that I mattered. I feel more confident that I can resolve disputes without getting upset or upsetting others. The workshop was revelatory.

Claire Rice

These workshops should be attended by all staff. A really positive experience and will be of benefit. Enjoyable and useful, both professionally and personally. Really different to the usual courses offered. A fresh perspective – very, very positive.

– Sharon Goulding

The time flew by because the content was delivered in such an interesting and easily understandable way. Alun explains concepts in clear terms and is an engaging and empowering teacher.

– Sarah Lowes

Made me rethink how I communicate. I have learned different tools and techniques of communicating more effectively. Very informative.

– Pat Bennett

Passed all my expectations. I now feel it and can tell you how I feel and how my unmet needs are driving me. I am struggling to say how good it was.

– Neil Callan

The workshop taught me how to communicate efficiently and effectively. It met my needs by teaching me new techniques and skills for moving forward, as well as getting much needed closure on past situations.

– Daniel Coole

It met needs I didn’t even know I had! The workshop has combined wisdom, humour and deep thinking. The workshop helped me to identify my needs and how to meet them whilst still being empathic to others. Alun’s facilitation was excellent.

Gill Moglione

It gave me an opportunity to develop a greater insight with my colleagues. It also allowed me to share who I am on a more personal level. It allowed me to think more about what my needs are. I really enjoyed the style, pace and direction the workshop took. Alun’s individual style meant everyone felt at ease from the start. Thank you so much for this. Lots for me to develop as an individual on who I am and how I interact with others.

– Brian Rodgers

I would highly recommend Alun Parry as a coach and mentor. I have had a number of sessions over a 3 or 4 year period. Alun cut through the spaghetti of my thoughts and fears and helped me to steer a course that was appropriate to me as a personality and my organisation which is very community focused. Alun is a really good coach. Empathetic and understanding.

– Greg Vogiatzis

Alun is an incredible man who embodies kindness and compassion with everything he does – I trust him with my life and my ideas and business. I have been overjoyed with work he has done for our social enterprise and my business. Alun is one of the good guys who really cares so when you work with him he cares that he gives a brilliant service. This shows and makes all the difference. He is understated and gives so much more than you’ll ever pay for.

– Clare Campbell

Your advice was spot on. I really learned a lot about what to do and more importantly what not to do! I came away from it feeling inspired and motivated to keep going. Your preparation beforehand allowed you to focus on my needs exactly and I was impressed by the obvious thought that you’d put into considering my difficulties.

– John Paterson

Simple breakdown and explained in simple terms and steps. Useful information and advice, especially for the workplace.

– Poppy Todd

I have finally realised why all the tasks in my head never get done! Simple, practical, and best of all effective advice.

– Jane McLean

So much food for thought. I feel liberated.

– Charlotte Arpino

It has helped me understand how I have disconnected myself from others in the past through poor communication, and it has given me strategies to change this.

Adele Leese