You are the hero of your story. In the movie of your life, you are the star.

Like an actor in a movie, you are playing out a script. But your script wasn’t written by a screenwriter.

Your script was decided by you when you were very young.

Your Smart Decisions

The decisions you made were really smart.

At your youngest, you had the least resources available to you.

Yet you made decisions that enabled you to somehow get through whatever problems were in your path.

Think about that for a moment. That is an incredible achievement.

You Today

What helped you then won’t always still be the best strategy today.

Now you have more power, understanding and resources than when you were very young.

Some of those smart decisions from yesterday don’t fit today’s situation and so hold you back.

Life script work helps you change the aspects of your script that no longer serve you. It helps you make new decisions.

You create a new script that helps you get the life you most want.

Changing Your Script

By changing your script, you take what screenwriters call “The Hero’s Journey.” This is in every movie you have ever seen.

You, as the lead character in the movie of your life, make changes to what you believe and do to end up with your own happy ending.

How It Works

Life script change helps you see which parts of your current script aren’t working for you.

It shows you how to build your new winning script.

It shows you how to overwrite the old script with the new winning script.

What To Do Next

If you would like coaching to change those elements of your own script that are getting in your way, please click here.