Connecting communication is a way of thinking and communicating that connects us to what we need.

Often, when we are unhappy with ourselves or with others, we get stuck in judgements. These judgements can lock us into patterns that don’t serve our needs.

We tell ourselves negative things that result in us feeling down and unhappy. We get in the way of fulfilling our potential. We get stuck in conflicts with others that serve only to drain our energy.

A practical toolkit

Connecting communication is a toolkit for getting beyond those judgements. It helps us to understand the unmet needs that cause our feelings of upset, and the upset of others.

It shows us how to speak those needs in a way that makes them easier to be heard and met.

Applying these ideas is life changing. It changes how we think about the world. It changes  how we talk to and hear others. It builds connection.

By connecting to the needs of ourselves and others, we are more likely to get those needs met – which in turn makes life more wonderful.

What To Do Next

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If you would like some personal coaching to apply the ideas of Connecting Communication to your life, click here.